Budget & Tax Structure

Council has adopted the Budget for 2018 in the amount of $14,063,440. The following documents break down that Budget and highlight spending for the Town.

2018 Budget Flyer

2018 Tax Structure Schedule of Fees 

2018 Budget Speech

2018 Municipal Budget Submission Form

2018 Budget Revenues and Expenditures Budget

2018 Budget Consultations

Past information of 2017 Budget

2017 Budget Flyer
2017 Tax Structure & Schedule of Fees
2017 Municipal Budget Submission Form
2017 Budget Speech
2017 Budget Revenues & Expenditure Budget

2017 Budget Consultations

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Town Manager/Engineer

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Deputy Town Clerk

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Tony Pollard

Director of Financial Operations

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Joe Donkers

Accounting Technician (Collections)

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Accounting Technician

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