Budget & Tax Structure

Please note: Tax bills are currently being prepared and will be delivered by mid-February.

If you wish to pay your taxes in person, the Town Office is now open to the public with limited capacity. Only one “bubble” will be permitted in the main lobby at a time. Appointments for public entry to the Town Office are encouraged. Appointments can be made my calling 895-8000 ext. 0 or by emailing [email protected].

Please visit the link below to learn several ways you can pay taxes:

2022 Tax Deadline Extended to June 30th

2022 Budget

2022 Budget Consultations

2022 Draft Budget Flyer

2022 Budget Revenues and Expenditures

2022 Budget Speech

2022 Municipal Budget Submission Form

2022 Tax Structure & Schedule of Fees

2022 Budget Set in Town of Portugal Cove – St. Philip’s

2021 Budget

2021 Budget Consultations

2021 Draft Budget Flyer

2021 Budget Revenues and Expenditures

2021 Budget Speech

2021 Municipal Budget Submission Form

2021 Tax Structure & Schedule of Fees

2020 Budget

2020 Budget Consultations

2020 Draft Budget Flyer

2020 Budget Revenues and Expenditures Budget

2020 Budget Speech

2020 Municipal Budget Submission Form

2020 Tax Structure & Schedule of Fees

2019 Budget

2019 Budget Consultations

2019 Draft Budget Flyer

2019 Budget Revenues and Expenditures Budget

2019 Budget Speech

2019 Municipal Budget Submission Form

2019 Tax Structure & Schedule of Fees

2018 Budget

2018 Budget Consultations

2018 Draft Budget Flyer

2018 Budget Revenues and Expenditures Budget

2018 Budget Speech

2018 Municipal Budget Submission Form

2018 Tax Structure Schedule of Fees 

2017 Budget

2017 Budget Consultations

2017 Draft Budget Flyer

2017 Budget Revenues & Expenditure Budget

2017 Budget Speech

2017 Municipal Budget Submission Form

2017 Tax Structure & Schedule of Fees

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