There is a Provincial by-election occuring on January 29, 2024. Visit the Provicial election website for details: https://www.elections.gov.nl.ca/elections/

The next municipal election in the town of Portugal Cove-St. Philip’s is Tuesday, September 25, 2025. Casting a ballot for a Mayor and a ballot for six Councillors allows residents to participate in electing officials who will make decisions on their behalf.

In person and mail in ballot options are available for all residents (proxy certificates are permitted).

The Returning Officer is Claudine Murray, the Town Clerk, and is responsible for all aspects of the Municipal Election. Contact information is [email protected].

For further details including information for voters and candidate nominations, please click on page links below:

Notice of Candidates 2021


The following persons have been nominated for election to council:
For Mayor:
-Johnny Hanlon of 10 Bayview Heights
-Carol McDonald of 8 West Point Road

For Councillor

-Dave Bartlett of 127 Dogberry Hill Road
-Paul Duffett of 219 Old Broad Cove Road
-Darryl J. Harding of 15 Chesley Van Heights
-Cyril Hayden of 811 St. Thomas Line
-Jeff Laham of 82 Bauline Line Extension
-Tina Neary of 108 Beachy Cove Road
-Madonna Stewart Sharpe of 961 Thorburn Road
-Moses Tucker of 313 Bennetts Road
-Gavin Will of 198 Nearys Pond Road

The most recent election for Council took place on September 26, 2017.  This election determined the town’s municipal governance for the next four years. These are the 2017 ELECTION RESULTS.

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