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Rules of Procedures Governing Meetings

Garbage and Recycling

Garbage and Recycling Collection Map
2019 Garbage Recycling Collection Schedule

Municipal Plan

Municipal Plan 2014-2024
Development Regulations 2014-2024 (Updated April 2019)

Land Use Zoning Map
Future Land Use Zoning Map
Environmental Protection Map

Planning and Development

Flood Risk Mapping
Accessory Building Brochure 2016

Permits Issued

Permits Issued – 2018
Permits Issued – 2017
Permits Issued – 2016
Permits Issued – 2015
Permits Issued – 2014

Town of Portugal Cove-St. Philip’s

Town Map

Budget 2019

Budget 2019 Consultations
2019 Revenue and Expenditure Budget


PCSP Strategic Plan
Asset Management Plan
Placebuilder Report
ICSP Final Report
Public Guide to Real Property Assessment


Northeast Avalon Project Update – June 18, 2018 (Harris Center for Regional Analytics)
Lifestyles Centre Report


Conditional Approval Extension
Connecting to Town Water
Cross Connection of Sewer/ Water
Development on Lakes, Ponds, etc.
Disposal of Residential Garden Material
Election Signage Policy
Expenditure and Purchasing Policy
Injured or Deceased Domestic Animal Policy
Occupancy Permits
Outdoor Recreation Facility User Policy
Processing Correspondence Policy
Reverse Parking Policy
Sign Policies
Smoking Ban
Speed Limit Policy
Stop Work Order
Use of Fire Hydrants
Waste Management Policy


Bee Hive Regulations (2019)
Civic Number Signage Regulations (2017)
Commercial Vehicle Parking Regulations (2015)
Development Regulations (2014-2024)
Dog Control Regulations (2000)
Feeding Wildlife Regulations (2018)
Litter, Garbage, Refuse Regulations (2000)
Municipal Designation of a Heritage Place Regulations (2010)
Noise Regulations (2015)
Occupancy and Maintenance Regulations NL (2010)
Open Air Fire Regulations (2015)
Portable Vendors Policy and Regulations (2010)
Snow Clearing Regulations (2020)
Traffic Regulations (2019)
Water/ Sewer Regulations (2018)



Planning and Development

Taxation Forms


Emergency Services
Volunteer Fire Fighter Application

Business Closure Form

Snow Clearing
Snow Clearing Damage Claim

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