ATIPP Requests

Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act, 2015 (ATIPPA)

Please note that personal information has been redacted from this report where applicable in accordance with Section 40 of the Access to Information & Protection of Privacy Act. This report is a listing only and response documents for these requests are available by contacting the Access to Information Coordinator at [email protected].

Access to Information Request Form (PDF)
Access to Information Request Form (Word)

Open Government

The following documents are open to the public through the Municipalities Act, 1999, Section 215, Inspection of Documents

Section 215. (1) The following documents shall be made available by the council for public inspection during the normal business hours of the council:

(a)  adopted minutes of the council;

(b)  assessment role (can be viewed at the Town Hall)

(c)  regulations;

(d)  municipal plans;

(e)  opened public tenders;

(f)  financial statements;

(g)  auditor’s reports;

(h)  adopted budgets;

(i)  contracts;

(j)  orders;

(k)  permits; and

(l)  Rep. by 2000 c16 s2

(m)  all other documents tabled or adopted by council at a public meeting.


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