Policies & Regulations

The following is a list of the Town’s current Policies/Regulations. Please be advised that our Policies/Regulations are currently being revisited to ensure that they adequately serve Town services and functions. Feel free to check back from time to time as there may be updates made.




Conditional Approval Extension

Connecting to Town Water

Cross Connection of Sewer/ Water

Development on Lakes, Ponds, etc.


Election Signage Policy

Fire Hydrants

Grass Cuttings

Occupancy Permits

Processing Correspondence Policy

Reverse Parking Policy

Rules of Procedures Governing Meetings

Sign Policies

Smoking Ban

Speed Limit Policy

Stop Work Order

Traffic Calming Policy

Waste Management Policy

WS Project Cost Recovery Policy (2017)



Bee Hive Regulations (2019)

Civic Number Signage Regulations (2017)

Commercial Vehicle Parking Regulations (2015)

Feeding Wildlife Regulations (2018)

Litter, Garbage, Refuse Regulations (2000)

Municipal Designation of a Heritage Place Regulations (2010)

Noise Regulations (2015)

Occupancy and Maintenance Regulations NL (2010)

Open Air Fire Regulations (2015)

Portable Vendors Policy and Regulations (2010)

Snow Clearing Regulations (2020)

Traffic Regulations (2019)

Water/ Sewer Regulations (2018)

Development Regulations 2014-2024



Land Use Zoning Map

Future Land Use Zoning Map

Environmental Protection Map

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