Administration and Finance

The Administration & Finance Department operates under the direction of the Director of Financial & Administrative Operations. The Town Manager, Director of Financial & Administrative Operations, Town Clerk, Executive Assistant, Accounting Technician and the Administrative Support Clerks carry out the broad mandate of this department.

The Administration & Finance Department’s major responsibilities include:

  • Support to Council through research and recommendations, including planning sessions to determine future priorities of Council
  • Regular financial updates for Council, and ensuring adherence to budget.
  • Carry out tax collection policy
  • Tax and property assessments
  • Coordination of all Town departments
  • Compilation of the annual budget
  • Oversee staffing matters, and monitor adherence to the union contract and management policy
  • Long-term and fiscal and strategic planning
  • General administration of the municipal office

ATIPP Requests
Bids and Tenders
Budget and Tax Structure
Budget 2017 Consultations

Contact Our Staff

Laurie Gaulton

Administrative Support Clerk

895-8000 x264

Krista Bridger

Administrative Support Clerk

709-895-8000 x221

Chris Milley

Town Manager/Engineer

895-8000 x262

Claudine Murray

Deputy Town Clerk

895-8000 x223

Tony Pollard

Director of Financial Operations

895-8000 x231

Heather Coughlan

Employee & Public Relations Admin.

895-8000 x258

Joe Donkers

Accounting Technician (Collections)

895-8000 x260

Tracy Simmons

Accounting Technician

895-8000 x259

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