Administration and Finance

The Administration & Finance Department operates under the direction of the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO). The CAO, Town Clerk, Director of Finance, Accounting Technicians and the Administrative Support Clerks carry out the broad mandate of this department.

The Administration & Finance Department’s major responsibilities include:

  • Support to Council through research and recommendations, including planning sessions to determine future priorities of Council.
  • Regular financial updates for Council, and ensuring adherence to budget.
  • Carry out tax collection policy.
  • Tax and property assessments.
  • Coordination of all Town departments.
  • Compilation of the annual budget.
  • Oversee staffing matters, and monitor adherence to the union contract and management policy.
  • Long-term and fiscal and strategic planning.
  • General administration of the municipal office.

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Laurie Gaulton

Administrative Support Clerk

709-895-8000 x264

Linda Newhook

Accounting Technician - Collections

709-895-8000 x259

Jody Murray

Chief Administrative Officer

709-895-8000 x222

Robyn Buckley

Administrative Support Clerk

709-895-8000 x221

Claudine Murray

Town Clerk

709-895-8000 x223

Heather Coughlan

Human Resources

709-895-8000 x258

Joe Donkers

Accounting Technician - General Ledger

709-895-8000 x260

Tracy Simmons

Director of Finance

709-895-8000 x231

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