Summerwood Playground Now Re-Opened

As of today, Wednesday, July 1st, Summerwood Playground is now re-opened! We thank all residents for their patience and understanding as we prepared this playground for a safe re-opening.

As a reminder, the following park facilities are now open:

  • Soccer Fields
  • Softball Fields
  • Basketball Courts
  • Skateboard Parks
  • Community Playgrounds
  • Washroom facilities at the park huts

All users will be required to follow posted signage for entrance and exits, as well as keep to the right while walking in and out of facilities. If all posted protocols and signage are not strictly followed, the park and/or sports facilities may be forced to close. Users must ensure proper physical distancing at all times. In addition, users are expected to practice safe hand hygiene and sneeze/cough etiquette.

Parks and facilities will be open from the hours of 10:00 am – 10:00 pm daily.

Facilities to remain closed:

  • Recreation Centre
  • Library
  • Park hut buildings and canteens (except washrooms)

For further information and all updates on COVID-19 in PCSP, please visit:

COVID-19 Alert Level 2 Changes in Portugal Cove-St. Philip’s