Seasonal Waste Collection and Snow Clearing Reminders

We ask everyone to please review the seasonal reminders below from our Department of Public Works:

Waste Collection Notices:

  • Please take note of the holiday season waste collection schedule changes in the poster above.
  • Please ensure your garbage boxes or bins are cleared of snow, salt the area, and there is a clear access to the box.
  • We encourage residents to use snow stakes, markers, or plow stakes to mark your garbage boxes. These simple visual aids are a great way to assist our snow plow operators and protect your property and garbage boxes during our snowy winter season.
  • If you are placing your garbage or recycling bags curbside, please remember to net/secure your bags during the winter season so they do not blow away.

Waste Disposal Tips:

  • Gift wrap (excluding the cardboard roll it comes on), tissue paper, and gift bags are not recyclable. Please place these items in your regular garbage bags for disposal. A full list of what is and isn’t recyclable can be found here.
  • Protect your collectors! Place all needles and other sharps in a sharps disposal container before placing them in your garbage bags.

Parking and Snow Clearing Reminders:

  • The parking ban is in effect until April 30th, 2021. Please ensure your vehicles are not parked on the roadside during this period.
  • When there is a snow event, please do not throw, blow, or plow snow into the roadway as this is a hazard to everyone and will result in fines. The complete Snow Clearing Regulations can be found here.
  • If possible, we ask that residents use reflective markers on their property boundaries to help prevent damage during snow clearing operations.
  • Please remember your neighbours who may not be able to clear access to their property and check on them from time to time.

The Town of Portugal Cove-St. Philip’s Department of Public Works wishes all residents a wonderful holiday season and a very merry Christmas!