Protective Fencing in Place for Safety of All Voisey’s Brook Skate Park Users

Yesterday, Tuesday, July 14th, protective fencing was placed on select equipment at the Voisey’s Brook Skate Park, as this portion of the Skate Park is undergoing maintenance. Unfortunately, someone removed this protective fencing last night and continued to use the closed equipment despite the notice.

This fencing has been placed on the closed equipment for the safety of all Skate Park users and it must remain in place until the maintenance is complete. While we would like to leave the other sections of the Skate Park open and only close the specific equipment under repair, if the protective fencing is removed again, the entire Skate Park will be forced to close until the maintenance is complete.

We thank all residents for their understanding and respect for the safety of all Skate Park users.

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Select Equipment at Voisey’s Brook Skate Park Closed for Maintenance