Winter Carnival

Winter Carnival

This annual event provides opportunities to people of all ages to get involved and enjoy social and recreation activities during the winter season at several different venues around the Town. Residents are invited to come out, have fun, and take in the cool crisp winter air.  The week-long festival typically includes exciting events bingo, skating, sliding, trivia and much more.

2022 Updates:

  • Congratulations to all the winners of our Winter Carnival contests!
    • Main Winter Carnival Contest Winner (Two Growlers Hockey Tickets): Heather M.
    • Winter Photo Contest: Susanne K.
    • Orienteering Challenge: Jennifer L.
    • Crossword Puzzle: Julie M.
    • Suncatcher Craft: Sharlene J.

2022 Event Details

Full details are here for our 2022 Winter Carnival! Check out the flyer below for details on all the fun. All residents will receive this flyer in your mailboxes during the first week of March, 2022!


  • Registration takes place for select events through eServices
  • Registration for PCSP residents opens on Monday, March 7th at noon
  • Registration for non-residents opens on Wednesday, March 9th at noon (if spaces permit)
  • If and event you would like to attend is full, please add yourself to the waitlist in case spaces open up
  • Registration in advance is required, cash will not be accepted at the door at Winter Carnival events


  • Individual contests are outlined on the flyer below
  • Submit all contest entries to [email protected]
  • There are so many great prizes to be won – $25 gift cards, PCSP prize packs, Growlers tickets, and Carnival event tickets. Enter any of the Winter Carnival contests and your name also goes in an overall BONUS draw too!


Registration through eServices

Many of our programs require online registration and payment through eServices. If you are a resident and you have not yet used eServices to pay for a program in PCSP, you will be prompted to enter a “sign up key” the first time you use eServices. Please contact Joe Donkers, Accounting Technician, at 895-5666 or [email protected] to receive your sign up key. If you are living in a rental property in PCSP and you are not the registered owner of the home, you will need to sign up as a guest account and you will not require a sign up key.


View or download our Winter Carnival Orienteering Challenge map here!

Description: Orienteering is an outdoor activity that challenges participants to use their navigation and map reading skills to find all 10 orienteering “signs” located in the park. The “signs” are pictures of animals attached on trees throughout the park (picture sizes range from wallet sized to about half a sheet of paper).

Objective: All 10 of the signs locations are represented on the map by a different yellow number, your job is to navigate to all 10 locations and find the corresponding item for each number. For example, if I navigated to #6 and found a Beaver picture I would then write Beaver in the #6 space.

Submit all answers to [email protected] to see how many you got correct!


  1. All signs are attached to trees.
  2. All of the signs are visible from the walking path, no more than 5ft off the ground and 5ft from the trail.
  3. Do not touch, take or move signs please!

Ice Suncatcher Craft

This is a FREE craft you can complete from the comfort of your own home!

View or Download our Printable PDF Ice Suncatcher Ornament Guide Here!

We would love to see all the ice suncatchers created by our community. Submit a picture of your suncatcher in action to [email protected] for your chance to win a Winter Carnival prize pack!

Crossword Puzzle

Join in the Crossword Puzzle Challenge! Send us a photo of your completed crossword for your chance to win a Winter Carnival prize pack. Submit a picture of your completed crossword to [email protected] by Friday, March 18th.

Check back! Once we announce a winner, the answer key will be posted here at the end of the day on Friday March 18th.

Trail Multi-Use Guidelines

Many of our Winter Carnival events take place in the beautiful local parks, and we are excited to see many residents enjoying the winter season in PCSP!

Did you know our park trails allow for cross country skiing and fatbike use? Check out the following Trail Multi-use Guidelines and get outside to have fun this season!

  • Trails and Park are use at own risk.
  • Be aware and vigilant of other trail users at all times.
  • Please keep a slow-to-moderate speed, be prepared to slow down or stop at any moment.
  • Reduce speeds when going around turns and trail intersections.
  • Keep to the right side of the path, allowing oncoming and faster users to pass on the left.
  • Walkers should give right of way to skiers/bikers, as its can be harder for them to stop & start.
  • Trails are not groomed, please use caution when using the trails.
  • Those on bikes are recommended to use a bell to alert persons on the trail.
  • Please stay on the trails at all times.
  • No motorized vehicles allowed.


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Recreation Coordinator

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Recreation Coordinator

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Director of Recreation & Community Services

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