Idle Free PCSP

To do their part for the environment and reduce hazardous emissions, The Town of Portugal Cove – St. Philip’s is continuing its anti-idling campaign; “Idle Free PCSP”, including the posting of Idle Free zone signage throughout our community. We are asking businesses, organizations, and residents within the community to notice the time they spend idling in their vehicles and help reduce unnecessary idle time.

If you are a business/organization in PCSP and would like to get involved with Idle Free PCSP or are already taking part in the campaign, we ask if you could please complete the following survey.

Participating businesses/organizations that install Idle Free Zone signage on their property will be entered to win a bronze sponsorship to an upcoming Town event of their choosing!

Would your business/organization be interested in participating in the Idle Free PCSP campaign?

Has your business/organization previously been involved in the Idle Free PCSP campaign?

How has your business/organization been previously involved in the Idle Free PCSP campaign?

Which of the following actions would your business/organization be interested in?