Babysitting Course

Youth ages 9-15 are encouraged to take part in our upcoming Babysitting Course, which will be facilitated by the Canadian Red Cross and First Aid Vitals. Full details on poster below. The next course takes place on Monday, February 18th, 2019.

Registration can be completed through eServices by clicking here.

Many of our programs require online registration and payment through eServices. If you are a resident and you have not yet used eServices to pay for a program in PCSP, you will be prompted to enter a “sign up key” the first time you use eServices. Please contact Joe Donkers, Accounting Technician, at 895-5666 or [email protected] to receive your sign up key. If you are living in a rental property in PCSP and you are not the registered owner of the home, you will need to sign up as a guest account and you will not require a sign up key.

Contact Mike Stone, Programs Coordinator, for further details at 895-5671.


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