Update: High Water Pressure -Selected Areas

4:30 pm

Repairs have been completed on the water line in the area of Portugal Cove Road from Anglican Cemetery Road to the end of Beachy Cove Road, and water pressures should be back to normal.  Residents experiencing water discolouration should run their cold water tap until it runs clear.

Anyone continuing to experience issues of high pressure should contact the Town office at 895-8000, ext. 228 during business hours (8:30 – 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday) or 895-8000 after-hours.

Residents are reminded of the requirement to have pressure reducing valves installed on their home water line.

Upgrades to this part of the line will take place over the coming weeks with any planned disruption in services to be notified by radio advertisement and/or updates to the Town’s website and social media pages.

8:30 am

High water pressure is being experienced in the area of Portugal Cove Road from Anglican Cemetery Road to the end of the water line on Beachy Cove Road. Emergency repairs are ongoing, however, timelines for completion are unknown at this point. The Town is working as expediently as possible to get the repairs completed.

For those experiencing high levels of pressure, it is suggested that residents leave the cold water tap in their bathtub running. If pressure does not reduce through these means, it is suggested that residents shut off the main water valve coming in the home and turn on enough to get the water needed for personal use.

Further updates will be provided as they become available. The Town apologizes for any interruption in the service.