Thank You to Snow Plow Operators and Emergency Rescue Crews in PCSP

We would like to extend our gratitude and a sincere thank you to the snow plow operators and emergency rescue crews, including Portugal Cove – St. Philip’s Volunteer Fire Department, who worked tirelessly in Portugal Cove-St. Philip’s over the past week. Our crews left the safety of their homes, families, and loved ones to brave the storms and ensure the safety of all our residents – and for that we are extremely grateful.
From safely clearing roadways, to keeping fire hydrants free of snow, to escorting emergency vehicles for health emergencies during the storm, our hardworking crews persevered round the clock through all the record-breaking weather we faced. The dedication these folks show is second to none!
We certainly appreciate the support and positive thoughts that were expressed to all our crews from residents last week as well. All of the kind and supportive messages will be shared with the team. Thank you.