MS Bike Tour to Take Place on Sunday, September 22nd, 2019

On Sunday, September 22nd the 2019 MS Bike Tour will be taking place throughout Portugal Cove-St. Philip’s and St. John’s. Please be advised that there may be traffic delays on the roads outlined on the map below due to this event.

Residents are advised to use extra caution on the roadways during this event in order to ensure the safety of all motorists and participants. Thank you for your understanding.




MS Bike Tour Route Descriptions

0 km       Start at the Paradise Rotary Youth & Community Centre

Left on McNamara Drive * Police*

Right on Newfoundland T’Railway

Right on Edison Place

Left on Brookfield Road *Route Marshal Priority 1*

Right on Perlin Street, slight left on Waterford River Walk

Continue on Waterford River Walk

Left on Southside Road

Left onto Waterford River Walk

15 km     Rest Stop #1 – Waterford River Walk Trail (end of parking lot)  (Reverse for completion of Short/Trail Route 30km round trip)

Continue to end of trail

Right on Water Street

Right on Harbour Drive

Right on Duckworth Street

Left on Cavendish Square *Route Marshal Priority 1*

Slight right on Kings Bridge Road

Left on New Cove Road *Route Marshal Priority 2*

Continue on Portugal Cove Road

26 km     Rest Stop #2 – Tilt House Bakery (1194 Portugal Cove Road)

Continue on Portugal Cove Road

Left on Old Broad Cove Road

Left on Bennetts Road

35 km     Rest Stop #3 – Sunshine Rotary Park (parking lot)

Right on Thorburn Road

Left on St. Thomas Line

Continue on St. Thomas Line

Left on Topsail Road *Route Marshal Priority 2*

Slight right on McNamara Drive

50 km     Finish (Long Route) – Paradise Rotary Youth & Community Centre