Lights on at Town Softball Fields for Evening Walkers

Beginning today, we are excited to welcome and encourage residents to get outside for some evening movement this winter! The lights will be back on at Voisey’s Brook Softball Field walking track and Rainbow Gully Softball Field walking track, Sunday-Thursday, weather permitting during the time period of 5pm to 10pm.

Please check back to our website for updates on any weather related changes or cancellations to the lighting schedule.

There are several rules all walkers must follow when using either softball field walking track:

  • Field Conditions are not monitored or maintained – Use at own risk
  • Walk in a clockwise direction
  • Enter and exit via the gate indicated on the map, one bubble at a time
  • Parking is only permitted in the designated spaces indicated on the map
  • Keep physically distanced from other bubbles at all times
  • Dogs are allowed on the fields at this time, but MUST be on a leash and pet waste MUST be picked up by owner

We hope you enjoy the winter evenings outside in PCSP! If you have any further questions please contact: [email protected]