Canada Day Fireworks Going Ahead, July 1st 2024

Canada Day fireworks are a GO!  Cap off a full day of fun with our fantastic fireworks display! Join us at 10:00 pm and view the fireworks show from the PCSP Recreation Centre parking lot, Brookside Intermediate School, or other approved designated location – all can be found in our parking map below.
Before the fun starts this evening, we kindly ask spectators and residents of the following:
✨Spectators will not be permitted in the playground/park area or soccer field due to safety precautions.
✨Fireworks shoot from the softball field, and only fireworks personnel are allowed at this point
✨Do not block fire exits and emergency routes
✨ Please keep pets inside or on a leash during the show
✨Please be kind, patient and courteous to all spectators and staff – we’re all excited to see the fireworks tonight!
✨ Please throw waste into the appropriately marked bins
We look forward to celebrating Canada Day with you and can’t wait to see you there! 🇨🇦❤️