2024 Budget Passed by Town of Portugal Cove-St. Philip’s

Press Release

For Immediate Release: Friday, December 8th, 2023


Portugal Cove – St. Philip’s Unveils Ambitious 2024 Budget: Prioritizing Community Growth and Sustainability

Mayor McDonald, joined by fellow Councillors and staff, presented the 2024 Portugal Cove – St. Philip’s Budget during the recent Budget Speech. This forward-thinking budget is designed to align with the community’s priorities, as outlined in the Strategic Plan 2023–2028.

Acknowledging the vital role of citizen involvement, the Chair of the Administration and Finance Committee expressed gratitude for the active engagement of residents during the budget development process. Residents have actively participated through community group meetings, public surveys, events, and more, showcasing the collaborative spirit of Portugal Cove-St. Philip’s.

The 2024 budget is a reflection of the commitment to the community’s priorities as we implement strategic investments in those areas that the residents prioritized in the recent strategic plan. As we aim to deliver a fair and responsible budget, we strive to minimize the impact on residents and businesses. Therefore, the mil rate for property tax and businesses will remain the same at 7 and 8.1 respectively – the water and sewer fees will also remain the same.

The budget earmarks strategic investments in parks, recreation, and cultural assets. Major projects include hosting the 2024 Killick Coast Games, completing splash pad facilities, upgrading parks, installing trail lighting, constructing new trails, and developing a coastal lookout with heritage anchor. Emphasizing a balanced approach, the budget promotes a virtual business incubator, introduces a Community Group Grant Fund, and allocates increased funding for community beautification and aesthetics. The Municipal Plan update and Tourism Product Development Plan contribute to maintaining a harmonious rural-urban balance.

A key focus of the budget is ensuring accessibility for all residents. Initiatives include the continuation of Guaranteed Income Supplement discounts for seniors, sustainable/affordable housing programs, the development of a community transit plan, and the implementation of an Accessibility Plan. Environmental stewardship is prioritized through the creation of a Sustainable Neighbourhood Action Plan, a septic system pumping rebate, and the electrification of the municipal fleet.

Total projected revenue and expenditures for 2024 is $18,217,896. Further information can be found on the Town’s website at https://pcsp.ca/local-government/budget-tax-structure/



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