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**We are currently managing our garbage and recycling maps, so soon garbage and recycling reminders will be available!!


Have you always wanted to be connected to your town, with information being fed straight to your phone? We are finally here to introduce PCSP Connects, an immersive notification system to your town.

We are here for the residents, everything we do within the town is for you, the resident. So we thought it would only add to our services to give you the most information in the most convenient way, directly to text or email! We also offer the ability to get it delivered through a phone call, and you can add as many phones/mobiles as you like, so your whole family can get these alerts!

You have the ability to choose from many different notifications. Some may pertain to you, maybe none does, or maybe they all do. You have the power to pick and choose what you want to hear about, and you always have the ability to add more notifications and to stop receiving certain ones. The information you receive is in your hands, it’s your choice.

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