Economic Development, Marketing and Communications

The Economic Development, Marketing and Communications Department operates under  the direction of the Director of Economic Development, Marketing and Communications. The Director works with the Employee and Public Relations Administrator, the Heritage and Environment Coordinator, and the Communications Coordinator to carry out the broad mandate of this department.

The Economic Development, Marketing and Communications major responsibilities include:

  • The overall promotion and marketing of the Town
  • Execution and development of strategic initiatives
  • Maintenance of the website and social media accounts
  • Public engagement and communications including the Tickle Newsletter and public consultations
  • Liaise with advisory committees of council (Heritage Committee and Advisory Committee on the Environment)
  • Supporting and promoting the business community
  • Tourism development
  • Regional economic development projects

For further information on Business in PCSP, visit the page below:

Business in PCSP

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Laura Barnes

Communications Coordinator

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Julie Pomeroy Sparrow

Heritage and Environment Coordinator

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