Dogberry Hill Upgrades


Pedestrian Walkway Project for Thorburn Road/Dogberry Hill Road

The Pedestrian Walkway Project involves the placement of a combination of concrete and asphalt walkways which will extend from the new school development along Thorburn Road to the Dogberry Hill Road intersection and from there up to Dogberry Hill Road Extension.  During this time placement of in-ground services (water, sanitary sewer and storm sewer) will also occur along Thorburn Road with a small amount of storm sewer installation happening on Dogberry Hill Road.

This project is expected to take approximately five weeks in total but is subject to weather conditions.  Stop and go traffic interruptions can be expected during this time.

Contact has been made directly with the property owners along Thorburn Road who will be impacted by the installation of water and sewer services.  However, properties on the uneven civic number side of Thorburn Road (same side as Town Hall) may be impacted by the installation of the pedestrian walkway – some may not be able to enter their driveway with their cars at time of installation.


Pedestrian Walkway Project pdf

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