Votes Needed to Support Local Organization Stable Life Inc

Votes Needed to Support Stable Life Inc- Partners in Process in the Aviva Community Fund Competition

Horses in Motion- Breaking down Barriers will help bring more people together with horses to learn life skills.

The Aviva Community Fund (ACF) returns with over $1 million to fund charitable initiatives across Canada. The ACF competition supports organizations that bring people together for a long-lasting and positive impact in the community.  This year, Stable Life Inc and Sister Organization Partners in Process have applied to the ACF competition with hopes to win funding for Horses in Motion- Breaking down Barriers.  The project will help Sister organizations Stable Life Inc and Partners In Process in breaking down barriers in their work of Equine Assisted Programming by travelling and bringing horses to the community. One such program is their pioneer work being the first organization in Canada to bring horses inside the prison walls of the Adult Correction System in Newfoundland for Men and Women as a pilot project. We want to expand our mobile program and bring horses to more facilities including: youth corrections, drug and addiction rehabilitation centers, youth mental health treatment centers, community centers, hospitals and reach populations that are unable to come to our facility due to lack of access to transportation or due to being institutionalized.

In order for Stable Life Inc –Partners in Process to win funding, we’re asking for Canadians who care about Mental Health to support by voting online at from September 25 to October 4, 2018, each voter has a total of 10 votes that can be used all at once, or throughout the voting period. Voters can use all 10 votes to support one idea, or up to 10 different ideas.

“Horses allow us to be who we are free from judgment.   If we take a chance on trusting in them they in turn take a chance on us and show us who we are and who we can be by trusting in the process.” Erin Gallant, Program Coordinator, Stable Life Inc. “We are changing and saving lives with this alternative program and with your vote you will allow us to continue this work.”

The top 10 ideas with the most votes at the end of the voting period will go into a final judging round. Three winners will be chosen by the judges to receive a prize of $100,000. The other seven finalists will win a consolation prize of $15,000. Winners will be announced on November 20, 2018.

 “Over the last 10 years, we have supported over 280 community groups across Canada,” says Colm Holmes, President and CEO of Aviva Canada. “We’re proud to fund and celebrate moments – big and small – that bring people together. I encourage all Canadians to get involved in their communities and help a good cause by voting for their favourite ideas today.”

Horses in Motion- Breaking Down Barriers needs the community to vote in order for it to become a reality!

Please visit the idea page at , or social media handle @spirithorseNL to vote and stay updated on the ACF competition.

About Stable Life Inc: Stables Life Inc. is a registered not for profit organization mandated to support people with mental illness through the provision of an Equine Assisted Program for the purpose of offering alternative ways of living a recovery based life.

About Partners in Process: Partners in Process Equine Learning Centre is a registered Charity established to provide children, youth and young adults at risk or who have become involved with the Youth Criminal Justice System, alternative ways of dealing with their issues; Offering children, youth and young adults the tools to learn for themselves about trust and taking responsibility.

For more information about Stable Life Inc or Horses in Motion- Breaking Down Barriers or for media interviews, please contact:

Erin Gallant

Program Director

Stable Life Inc- Spirit Horse NL

(709) 699-2704