Town of Portugal Cove – St. Philip’s Sets 2019 Budget

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Budget & Tax Structure

Press Release
For Immediate Release: Thursday, December 20th, 2018

Town of Portugal Cove – St. Philip’s Sets 2019 Budget

Reducing Tax Burden and Expenditures

The Town of Portugal Cove – St. Philip’s is proud to present the 2019 budget. Over the last year, Council has worked on executing the vision that was established as a part of their first budget. Since forming the Council, they have strived to bring a greater focus on efficiency, financial prudency and growing the community in a way that shows balance, foresight and unity. This budget is a natural extension of that vision and effort, one that can only be truly sustainable with a collaborative approach to governance and decision making. Council and staff are lucky to have individuals, groups and various stakeholders who are willing to collaborate with and provide insight and wisdom to better the community and this year’s budget consultation process again proved that fact.

The Town Council has maintained the commitment to reducing the tax burden to residents this year, despite the challenge of a reduction in household assessments, holding both residential and commercial mil rates at 6.5 and 8.1 respectively. This will result in an average decrease of household taxes of 3.5% in 2019, and a cumulative total of almost 9% since being elected in 2017. This was achieved by reducing overall expenditures by over $400,000 in 2019, after reducing them over $1,300,000 in 2018. Council was able to continue to reduce the tax burden to residents while planning for the future and maintaining and enhancing the services provided. A fairer tax structure for those with vacant lands was created by decreasing their water fee by $200. Investments will continue to be made in roads, water and sewer, trails and projects that benefit the future opportunities and amenities of our community. The Town Council of Portugal Cove – St. Philip’s will continue to listen and collaborate in 2019 and looks forward to another exciting year moving our community in the right direction together.

Visit for more details regarding the 2019 budget or contact Tony Pollard, Acting Town Manager, at 895-8000 ext. 231 or [email protected].


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