Town and Chamber Partnering on PCSP Business Directory

The Town of Portugal Cove – St. Philip’s is partnering with the PCSP Chamber of Commerce to develop a comprehensive Business Directory. We invite all businesses in our community to register today to be included!

Why register?
A “Shop Local” campaign is currently being developed
and will launch before the summer of 2018. The backbone
of that campaign will be a business directory that will be
accessible online and as a booklet available to residents. In
order to ensure the information on businesses are accurate
we are asking you to register online.

Who can register?
Any business that is operating in the community or is a
member of the PCSP Chamber of Commerce can register
to be included in the directory. All are encouraged to join no
matter the industry or size of the business.

How to register?

Click here and fill out a short form 

Paid color advertisements will also be available with
a 25% discount for Chamber members.