Septic Pumping Assistance Policy

The Town of Portugal Cove St. Philip’s Septic Pumping Rebate Program supports residents in non-serviced dwellings with septic tanks. Those who are eligible for this program may receive a rebate from the Town covering a portion of the cost associated with clearing their septic tank. To apply for this rebate you must meet the program criteria and guidelines as outlined in the Town’s Septic Pumping Assistance Policy:

  • To be eligible, applicants must ensure all work is carried out by an approved waste hauler, registered with Service NL.
  • The maximum rebate shall be 50% of cost to a maximum amount of $250.
  • Residents must apply to the Town for the rebate and provide a copy of the original invoice.
  • Each residential property can only be eligible for a rebate once every four years.
  • Further details regarding the program conditions can be found in the policy and application form.

Please note that this program’s budget limit is determined annually. Rebates are available to eligible residents until budgeted funds are expended on a first-come-first-serve basis. Residents who wish to avail of this rebate program are advised to check with the Tracy Simmons, Director of Financial Operations prior to having their tank pumped to ensure that funds are available.

To apply, please complete and submit a Septic Tank Pumping Reimbursement Application along with a copy of the original invoice from a registered waste hauler. Completed applications may be submitted by mail, email ([email protected]), or dropped-off to the Town Hall at 1119 Thorburn Road. If you have questions regarding the program, please contact Tracy at 709-895-8000 ext 231.