Open Air Burning in PCSP

In April 2019, the town experienced several significant grass and brush fires. These fires have posed threats to homes and property, but fortunately to this date, the damage has only been to the natural vegetation.

Residents or persons wishing to have an open air fire for the burning of brush or grass during spring clean-up are reminded that this is an extremely dangerous time for doing so. Dead vegetation and dry grass is extremely susceptible to quick fire spread on dry days.

Residents are reminded that a town permit is required at any time during the year for open air burning. These permits are available from the Thorburn Road Fire Station or at the Town Office front desk, from Monday – Friday during normal working hours.

Note: Permits are issued only for the burning of natural brush and grass etc. It is not permissible to utilize such a fire to dispose of garbage, building materials or other debris.

Furthermore, persons are reminded that the 2019 forest fire season is in effect from May 1 to September 30. During forest fire season, 2 permits are required for open air burning:

(1)  First, persons MUST acquire a permit from the Forestry Office at Paddy’s Pond for any open air fires.

(2)  Second, persons must present their obtained Forestry permit in order to acquire the town permit.

Please contact the Fire Department at 895-8000 ext. 267, or the town office front desk for any other information required.

The town burning regulation may be viewed at the following link: