Notice of Motion: Civic Numbering Signage Regulations

March 15, 2017 Update: On March 14th Council adopted the draft regulations. The new Civic Numbering Signage Regulations can be found here:

Civic Number Signage Regulations (2017)


Notice of Motion: Civic Numbering Signage Regulations

At the next Council meeting on Tuesday, March 14th a motion will be brought forward by the Protective Services Committee to support resident safety by ensuring that households have visible civic numbering on their properties and that it meets an appropriate safety standard. This is critical in reducing emergency response times for first responders, including our Volunteer Fire Department. New homes will be required to meet this regulation prior to receiving an occupancy permit. Current residents will have time to adhere to the new regulation, as the signage will not be required on existing homes until July of 2018. This new regulation offers a variety of ways to meet the new standards and allows for residents to still have unique and creative designs if they choose.

We encourage residents to review the new regulations, if you have any concerns please contact the Town Manager, Chris Milley at 895-8000 ext 262 or [email protected].


Draft Regulation 

Civic Numbering Regulations 2017