New Event: Seniors Bocce Ball

We are delighted to announce a new activity in PCSP: Seniors Bocce!

This event will take place on Tuesday, June 29th, 2021 from 10am-11am on the Rainbow Gully Turf Field. This is a FREE event, but pre-registration is required. To register, sign up online using eServices or contact Kyle McGuirk, Recreation Coordinator, at 895-8000 (ext. 233).

Bocce is a low-impact, low-intensity sport that can be played by all ages and abilities. It’s an exciting and relaxing way to stay active and engage in friendly competition.

Bocce is similar to curling; players will compete solo or in teams to try and toss small colored bocce balls towards the white “target” ball. To start the game, one team will toss the target ball out into an open space on the field. Then teams will take turns tossing their colored bocce balls (Blue or Red) as close to the target ball as possible. The team or player with the closest ball after all the balls are thrown would get 1 point, they would get 2 points for having 2 of the closest balls etc. After each round, the teams will alternate tossing the target ball into different locations, players must always toss the balls underhanded, first team to 10 points wins the game.

Don’t worry if you’ve never played before – our recreation staff will be on site to show everyone the ropes when we get started. All are welcome to come join the fun and try something new!