Enjoy the Winter Season with Orienteering at Voisey’s Brook Park!

Orienteering is an outdoor activity that challenges participants to use their navigation and map reading skills to find all 10 orienteering “signs” located in the park. The “signs” are pictures of animals attached on trees throughout the park (picture sizes range from wallet sized to about half a sheet of paper).

Objective: All 10 of the signs locations are represented on the map by a different yellow number, your job is to navigate to all 10 locations and find the corresponding item for each number. For example, if I navigated to #6 and found a Beaver picture I would then write Beaver in the #6 space.

Submit all answers to [email protected] by January 31st, 2024 to see how many you got correct and be entered into our grand prize draw! The winner will receive a PCSP prize pack and a $50 gift card!


  1. All signs are attached to trees.
  2. All of the signs are visible from the walking path, no more than 5ft off the ground and 5ft from the trail.
  3. Do not touch, take or move signs please! They are zip tied to each tree.