Community Clean-Up Is a Go!

Due to the weather yesterday the event is taking place today Sunday, May 29. 
9:00am to 1:00pm

How can you lend a hand?
  • Organize a group of people to participate.
  • Choose and area in the community for your team to clean.
  • Drop by Rainbow Gully Hut at 9:00am to pick up your garbage bags and gloves.
  • Join us for after your clean up from 11:00am to 1:00pm for a BBQ Celebration. There       will be a bouncy castle set up during this time.

Leave bags at your locations and et us know where to pick up the filled bag

If your group would like to participate on an different date, or you would like further information on the Community Cleanup, please contact Nick Miller in the Recreation Department @ 895-5661 or email [email protected]

Please read and review the safety information below. Do not hesitate in contacting us if you need
any clarification on safety procedures.

Safety Notes:
Please choose a safe location in the community where you would like to clean up. Place litter in the

bags provided and leave full bags in a visible location for the Town to pick up.
Please ensure that you pick a safe location for litter picking by staying off busy road ways and
ensuring cars can see you from a long way off.
If there is any doubt in your mind whether a spot is safe for litter picking or if it is safe to pick up
an item of litter, don’t do it – just move on.
Please do not pick up the following items:
  • Broken Glass
  • Needles
  • Any Biohazards – when in doubt do not pick up
If you come across Broken Glass, Needles or Biohazards please notify the Town Hall
of the location so we can ensure that staff who are properly trained to remove such
items can do so.
Do not confront anyone you see littering. We do not want any participants to put
themselves in potential danger by approaching and or confronting members of the community and/or vandal’s. If you see any activity that is worrisome please do not hesitate in reporting these matters to the proper authorities.

Last but not least – Have Fun!