Assuring Clean and Safe Water for All

Media Release
For Immediate Release: July 26th, 2017 
Assuring Clean and Safe Water for All

Green Team and the Town of PCSP Work Together to Monitor Lakes and Streams

Portugal Cove – St. Philip’s, NL – This summer, the Portugal Cove – St Philip’s Green Team is assisting the town in gathering a baseline of water quality of the ponds and rivers in the region. The team has outlined several sites of interest throughout Portugal Cove – St Philip’s where they will be testing the pH, along with monitoring nitrate and phosphate levels at each site. This data will help the Town target any possible areas of pollution.

The team will be collecting their water samples until August 18th. Along with the sampling work, the team will be participating in the spruce budworm tracking program. The Green Team will also spend time working with young children within Portugal Cove – St. Philip’s to teach them about important environmental issues such as climate change and water conservation.

Team member Caleb Jones is a resident of the Town of Portugal Cove- St. Philip’s. “It’s been a great summer so far” he says, “I’ve learned a lot and it’s been awesome to help my community with this project”. Caleb will be entering his first year at Memorial University this fall and knows this project will aid him in his future studies.

“This project has been beneficial to both the team and the Town of Portugal Cove-St. Philip’s”, said Julie Pomeroy, Heritage and Environment Coordinator with the Town, and the Town representative overseeing the project. “We invested in this because we believe in projects such as these. The Town takes environmental issues very seriously, so we participate and support in ventures that helps keep our Town clean and green.”

The Green Team program is an effort of Conservation Corps to help youth in Newfoundland and Labrador gain meaningful work experience and become leaders in their community. The Green Team Program has operated in the province since 1993. It has employed more than 2400 young people on over 600 projects in more than 100 communities across the province.


For more information contact Team Leader, Catherine Hooper, at (709) 770-6257 or
Stephanie Tucker, CCNL’s Marketing & Communications Coordinator,
at (709) 687-4329 or [email protected] 

To contact the Town of Portugal Cove-St. Philip’s, contact Jacqueline Clarke, Communications Coordinator at 895-5676 or [email protected]