2022 Arts Festival – November 19th and 20th

The members of our local PCSP Partners for the Arts Association have arranged two days showcasing the many talents of our wonderful local artists! All are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Saturday, November 19th: 7-10pm

  • Arts Festival
  • First 100 guests will receive a complimentary hot apple cider and a sweet to enjoy
  • Artist vendor market will be taking place in the greenhouse area
  • Live entertainment will be provided by Rick Lambe as well as The Relics from 7-10pm
  • Aaron McKim and company will be delivering a fire juggling and fire eating performance at 8pm

Sunday, November 20th: 12-3pm

  • ‘Home’ Exhibition
  • This event will take place in the same greenhouse at Murray’s as used the previous night
  • This event was previously scheduled for September 11 but was postponed due to the hurricane
  • There are six artists that will be represented at this exhibition (and attendees will have a chance to purchase from them as well)