Annual Garden Competition

Prune those hedges! Tweak those roses! The Portugal Cove-St. Philip’s Annual Garden Competition will take place the week of August 14-18, 2017. Register by calling Julie Pomeroy at 895-5657.

Community residents enter into the garden competition and a town representative along with members of the competition’s sponsors, tour the resident’s gardens and judge on different categories.

Categories this year include:

  • Best Landscape Design (sponsored by Murray’s Garden Centre)
    • Property incorporates hardscape features, such as patios, walls, pathways, etc. and plant materials like annuals, perennials, trees, and shrubs in an overall design scheme. The design should include consideration of seasonal variation, colour combinations and overall suitability of the design as it relates to the property’s constraints. Good garden maintenance practices like edging, moqing, pruning, fertilizing will be evident in the property’s overall appearance.
  • BestSmall Space or Container Garden (sponsored by Murray’s Garden Centre)
    • Garden uses small spaces efficiently and effectively to build high impact displays. Gardens will use containers such as barrels, troughs, window boxes, raised beds, vertical planters and/or pots. Unique and creative designs are encouraged.
  • Best Fruit/Vegetable Garden (sponsored by Murray’s Garden Centre)
    • Garden contains variety of edible veggies and/or fruits planted to provide a seasonal harvest of fresh food. The growing system, food yields, and crop diversity, will be evaluated along with consideration for aesthetic elements, lik co-planted ornamental species.
  • People’s Choice Award (sponsored by Murray’s Garden Centre)
    • All entrants are provided the opportunity to also enter the People’s Choice Award, whereas the PCSP public will select the winner based on pictures and a description of the entrant’s garden. Pictures must be provided by the entrant and you must consent to allowing these photos to be shared on social media and websites belonging to the Town and Murray’s. No other personal information will be shared.
  • Greenest Garden (sponsored by ACE)
    • Garden uses natural means of growing and is environmentally aware. No chemical fertilizers- use natural ways of fertilizing only, use of compost, rain barrels, water with care, encouragement of habitat, pollinators, use of friendly bugs, or natural ways to help with any pests, reuse of materials, etc.

Winners of each category will receive a $100 gift certificate for Murray’s Garden Centre. If you have any questions or would like to register, please contact Julie at 895-5657.

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