Water Metering Project Information

Water Metering Project
The Town continues to work towards the proposed water metering project. At this early planning stage, we are ensuring that all issues and concerns are fully understood and input into the process. On Thursday, January 21st, the first public meeting on water metering was held at the Recreation Centre to kick off the process. The next meeting is on Wednesday, September 7th.

Information Package released September 1st

Water and Wastewater Metering Report tabled August 23rd

Copy of public presentation given to residents on January 21st.

Tickle Newsletter update on the project (March 2016)

 September 7th public meeting presentations will be uploaded as soon as possible. If you have any questions, feel free to call Jeff Lawlor at 895-5651.


Summary of issues gathered  (All answers to be released soon… see Information Package for FAQ and see below for additional answers)

1. Is this project definitely going ahead?

As with all projects that are proposed and considered by Council
there are decision points along the path of implementation. We are
now set to hold a public meeting outlining the estimated costs and
expectations, after council receives feedback and a decision is made
to proceed than an RFP will be created for meter and installation.
Council will then review and consider the results of the RFP to
determine if they will proceed.
2. How will this new fee affect our current water fee of $475?
The new water meter fee will replace the existing fee. We expect the
average household to see a reduction. There will be a maximum fee
set to cap the cost on households. See the information package for
more detailed information.
3. Where do we get our water?
We purchase our water from a regional board and it comes from Bay
Bulls Big Pond. Currently, almost 80% of our total water costs ($380
of your current water fee) are the result of purchasing of the water.
If we reduce the demand of water we reduce the cost on residents.
4. Will residents have to pay for the meter and costs of the plumber to
install upfront?
No, these costs will be covered by the project itself. The projects costs
will then influence the meter rat itself. Please see the information package
for more details.
5. Is installation mandatory for all residents on water?
Part of the process is to do a site visit and evaluate each home. We
expect that a small percentage will be too costly to install based on
unique circumstances. The goal is to install as many that are feasible.
6. Why would the town consider this in financially difficult times?
The Town is doing this in an attempt to reduce the average tax
burden for households in Portugal Cove – St. Philip’s by reducing both
overall costs of purchasing water and giving residents the ability to
control their bills. Please see the information package for more details.
7. Where are we along the project path?
Click here for updated project path.

When is the next public meeting?
The next meeting will take place on Wednesday,
September 7th at the Recreation Centre.
Please continue to visit this page for updates.
There will be a mail out of a full report answering
questions in the coming weeks; however, we
will do our best to answer them as information
becomes available.
As always we are seeking input and feedback.
Please send any comments or inquires to Jeff
Lawlor, Director of Economic Development,
Marketing and Communications at [email protected]
pcsp.ca or 895-8000 ext 222.