Vacation Home Safety Tips from the Commissionaires

Please enjoy the following friendly safety reminders from our local Commissionaires!

Family holidays in the sun and a break from the ice, snow and freezing temperatures are exciting times, but remember your home is often left unattended and a prime target for thieves! Here are some basic measures you can take to help ensure you don’t come home to a nasty surprise. Help yourself vacation with peace of mind, consider following these safety tips.

  • Keep up on winter maintenance, have a family member or a contractor remove snow from your driveway and porch. Make it look lived in!
  • Leave a key with a friend or family member have them check the home for frozen pipes or other winter hazards. Also, this shows activity at the residence.
  • Have your newspapers and flyer packs held. Nothing says “nobody home” like a stack of papers and flyers on your property.
  • Keep a low profile on social media. Don’t broadcast your plans to the world. Thieves use social media to find empty targets!
  • Lock up valuables in a safe and keep it out of sight, be creative in hiding it.
  • Don’t leave a hide-a-key outside your door. Thieves know this trick! Don’t make it easy for them.
  • Install an outdoor sensor light, thieves hate the light. Also use timers on indoor lights set to come on and off at random times.

You work hard for your vacations, take the extra steps necessary to allow yourself peace of mind so you can concentrate on making memories with your family and not worrying about what you left behind.

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