Public Consultation Notice – Amendments Pertaining to Residential High Density

The general public is invited to view draft copies of the Town of Portugal Cove-St. Philip’s Municipal Plan and Development Regulations Amendments.

Public Consultation Notice – MUNICIPAL PLAN AMENDMENT No. 10, 2020 and DEVELOPMENT REGULATIONS AMENDMENT No. 15, 2020 (Residential High Density)

The purpose of Municipal Plan Amendment No. 10, 2020 and Development Regulations Amendment No. 15, 2020, is to create higher density standards for residential development by adding a higher mix of housing opportunities in the community; particularly to respond to the changing needs of local seniors and young adults through the addition of a new Residential High Density Land Use Zone Table.

The public can provide any written comments or concerns on the amendments to the Town Office by 4:00 pm, Monday, March 9, 2020.

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