Coyote Warning Issued in PCSP-Neary’s Pond

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Business, Tourism, Culture and Rural Development

February 16, 2016

Public Advisory: Coyote Warning Issued for Portugal Cove – St. Philip’s

Residents in Portugal Cove – St. Philip’s are advised that conservation officers have confirmed the presence of coyotes in the Neary’s Pond area and are taking appropriate action.

Officers have set live traps and will continue to monitor the area.

The agency advises residents that wild animals can be extremely dangerous and unpredictable when approached by humans. Residents are encouraged to take appropriate steps, including the proper storage, collection and disposal of garbage, to avoid attracting wild animals near homes where the animals can pose a risk to public safety.

If anyone encounters a coyote:

  • Never approach or crowd the animal;
  • Give the animal an escape route;
  • Be aggressive – wave your arms, shout;
  • Maintain direct eye contact, and
  • Do not run away.

Anyone sighting a coyote in this area is asked to contact the Forest Management District Office at 709-729-4180.

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